I grew up in a teaching environment.

I am a qualified teacher. I am passionate about children and they will always be close to my heart. Earlier this year we got an opportunity to get involved with a non-profit charity organisation called the WAWWA Foundation (We Are Who We Are).

What is their focus:

“Wawwa” – Live to make a difference

We work in partnership with people of faith and conscience and rely on the generosity of the community to help reach our goal of fulfilling the needs of those less fortunate. We have respect for cultural diversity; believe in connecting with people and enriching lives.

The Project

The main project involves a primary school in Merweville.The shool has less than 60 scholars and most of them reside in the school hostel. Except for a handful of scholars from the surrounding area, most of the kids are from families that cannot support them. They are at Merweville for most of the time – except during school holidays when they visit their parents and only if transport funds are available. There is such a big need for support of all kinds – not only for the children, but also to help and support the staff to keep up the good and specialised work they do.

My aim is to work with the hearts of the kids, to help them feel appreciated and also to create an opportunity to be able to strive for a better future. At the same time I want to give the Stellies Student Stay tenants the opportunity of getting involved. Working daily with students from different cultures and backgrounds, I do realise that sometimes they take things for granted and do not realise how privileged they are to be loved and have opportunities.

Get involved and help others can change lives.

Should you like to get involved in any manner, please contact me for more information.

There are numerous daily needs that privileged people cannot grasp, and we ask each tenant for a small donation of various items like stationery, toilet paper, peanut butter, jams, toys, small birthday gifts, laundry powder, etc. We will communicate when sending the agreements. Stellies Student Stay also donates the application fee to WAWWA.

Let’s strive and reach out to uplift the lives of these kids to have great joy in their lives, which we and our children are so accustomed to.